Best Flat Feet Shoes For Men

You don’t have an arch in your feet? Once you’ve realized the pain you’re dealing with flat feet, you would definitely need comfortable footwear giving you pleasant feel. As you have already read the previous flat feet shoes for running, work and walking. We’ve summed up the ultimate list of Best flat feet shoes for men, to improve their comfort, from being at work to going for a walk.

Men only have limited pair of shoes as compared to women. They tend to have at least two or three pairs of shoes which they would wear for a big interview, a hot date, and an important formal wear.

However, finding appropriate shoes for flat feet men is like mission impossible and it’s difficult for them to select.

Therefore this list of best flat feet running shoes for men would mask the pain and agony which you face while selecting.

Which Nike running shoes are best for flat feet?

Nike Lunar Glide 9
Nike lunar glide 9 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet. It’s a lightweight trainer which focuses to provide a combination of stability and cushioning to fight against overpronation.

However, it’s not only designed for overpronators. These shoes are suitable for any type of distances even if they’re long or short.

It’s midsole supply’s a smooth ride and the success story of it is that it doesn’t carry a solid price tag.

Nike air zoom structure 21
Another Nike’s best running for flat feet it’s engineered with upper mesh which is strong and lighter than the previous model.

It cushions your walk with a dual-density midsole and a locked-down support mid-foot system. It provides a suitably lightweight feel.

Many good runners have commented that it provides a smooth transition with air pockets located in the forefoot to help you propel during tempo runs.

Qualities of a Best flat feet shoes for men

We use our foot to travel every single place and rarely give attention to them and the footwear. However, it’s difficult but shoes are the most essential part of every individual’s attire so when choosing to try to look for comfortable shoes with the following characteristics:

  1. Adjustable
    An adjustable strap, allows you to adjust according to your adjustments according to individual needs.
  2. Lightweight
    Choose a lightweight shoe because heavy shoes take more effort to travel around in because they are created by the less comfortable material.
  3. Stable
    Shoes heel support/ heel cup should be soft and stable preventing verticals or horizontal heel movement.
  4. Spacious enough
    There should be enough space for your toes because during normal walks your feet spread and also increase by one centimeter in every direction. Therefore select a shoe that is not much tight to cause a problem for you.
  5. Maximum heel
    Shoe heel should not be more than 2.5cm, because it causes instability.
  6. Good condition
    Check your footwear and takeout shoes that are worn out as they are not much functional anymore. This is because running in worn-out shoes would increase stress and effect on legs and joints.

What brand shoes are best for flat feet?

Shoe brands that understand the flat feet problems well and produce footwear according to flat footers are

1. Brooks
it’s a comfortable shoe brand constantly working to improve each model every year.  They also put together running shoes for overpronators with an excellent support system, motion control and great comfort to overcome potential injury risks. This makes it the best-running shoe brand for flat footers; Adrenaline GTS is the most customer’s preference.

ASICS seems to be really concerned about this deformity in the foot, so they’ve produced cushioned shoes for overpronators that tend to reduce shock-related injuries with extra cushioning. Best among all of its shoes are GEL-Cumulus. And for overpronators they’ve formed stability running shoes with extra support, cushioning and stability. GEL-Kayano is the greatest.

3. Nike
Nike is a leading-edge brand producing innovative products, experiences, it’s one of the cost-effective brands. They’ve got you covered with their firm, gripped running shoes.

It’s comprised of efficient dynamic support cushioning technology and highly-supportive uppers. Its best footwear’s for flat feet are

– Nike Lunar Glide
– Nike Air Zoom Structure
– Nike Odyssey React

4. Mizuno
Mizuno offers lightweight running shoes and has been recommended by many people due to its durability and softer touch down of every step of your run. Moreover, it offers a responsive cushioning and helps you to have a supportive ride. Its best outwears are
– Mizuno Wave Inspire 14

Best running shoes for flat feet men

Running is a popular incredible, inexpensive sport practiced throughout the world. It’s effective to de-stress, compete in races moreover a great way to maintain a healthy life by just scratching the surface.

However, some runners face illness, injuries or specific foot types which lessen the benefits that could be achieved through running.

Choosing the ideal running shoe can be crucial especially for flat feet with substantial arch support and a flexible sole with enough space of wiggling. Best men’s sneakers or so-called Best running shoes for flat feet men are:

  1. Nike men’s air zoom structure
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

Nike is the best among the top brands for a reason; tremendous quality, durability and advanced technology. It’s an exceptional choice which provides go-to stability and support for runners struggling with this issue.

They provide excellent comfort by employing Premium Cushion ST foam together with a solid foam wedge heel for adequate support.

They are impressive due to its breathable fly-mesh uppers which keep the feet cool and dry beside that a secure fit. It provides a smooth transition with every changing surface and will last many miles according to reviewer’s experience who have worn this product.

  • Good performance.
  • Premium Cushion ST foam for ultimate support.
  • Lightweight and stable.
  • Durability assures money spent at the right place.
  • Slightly tight.
  • Pricey.


    1. ASICS men’s Gel- Kayano
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

One of the best sneakers for flat feet men, it’s the top selling shoes in the market nowadays. Trainers prefer this footwear especially when they have to go on long miles because of the ample amount of cushioning. As overpronation causes pain when you run so this ASICS Gel Kayano’s installed I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) will make your feet roll naturally.

These shoes come up with new technology featuring Fluidride and Fluidfit, making your feet bounce back due to its cushioning properties. This additional gel in the heel and toe areas adds shock absorption and not making the shoe heavier.

The ASICS comfort X40 sock liner has been put in the shoe to absorb moisture, repels the bacteria. In short, it’s a quality shoe because it has brought running back into people’s routine and this mark it as a ‘Quality running shoe’.

  • Extensive support.
  • Bacteria repellent sock liners.
  • Durable.
  • Gel cushioning system.
  • Has a glove-like-fit.
  • Too tight for some runners.
  • Heavy.
  • Price is high.
  1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 17
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

Brooks Adrenaline GTS model of shoes has been in the hit list since they’ve launched their first model with premium stability running shoes in the market.

So for runners with flat feet stable and a comfortable shoe is very important but they are heavy as well. So Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a stable lightweight shoe with progressive diagonal roll bar which has a triple-density midsole. It provides extra cushioning and a removable foam insole.

Many reviewers claim that it not only helps the flat footers but also injuries like plantar fasciitis.

  • Provides the best support and comfort compared to the rest of the shoes in this category hence providing the shock resistance..
  • A bit hefty on the price tag.


  1. Mizuno Men’s Wave Catalysts 2
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

It’s the second model of Mizuno line and runners expect many welcoming changes from it every time. However the Wave Catalyst 2 didn’t stay on the market for very long but still, it is all men’s favorite shoe who have flat feet.

Everyone loves to buy shoes at affordable prices, and with this affordability, Mizuno still maintains its same stability and cushioning quality.

Though the midsole offers to cushion and stability details it’s quite thin this making the shoe responsive. The outsole is long lasting and has a good grip. It’s a good choice for road running shoe because the outsole makes the runners feet safe especially in steep slope downward slope and wet roads.


  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Prevents feet from feeling tired.
  • Upper was felt a bit narrow.
  • Runners noticed that shoe size was half a size smaller.


  1. Saucony Men’s Echelon 5 road running shoe


Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men



If looking for a dazzling pair of running shoes for flat footedness we recommend Saucony Echelon 5. Best for overpronation which provides solid arch support and power grid creating an exceptionally smooth ride.

It includes multiple advanced features which are Dual-density EVA material; durable and lightweight. And an SRC landing zone to help in shock absorption moreover it has a cushioning effect for all strides.

It also has a breathable fabric lining with mesh uppers, thick collar, and Changeable insoles to help those who have Orthotics.

  • Appealing design and appearance of the shoe.
  • Long lasting and sturdy even after so long.
  • Plush cushioning.
  • Neutral running shoe.
  • Lack of stability and support.
  • Shoe flexibility is not too prominent.
  • Bit pricey.

Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

If you have a flat foot which is causing extreme pain and discomfort. You should focus on that to avoid injuries or some severe complications on your ankles, knees, and legs or even back.

Get a suitable pair of walking shoes. Thankfully there is a way to stop the pain and discomfort which arrives with flat feet, few top best walking shoes for flat feet men are:


  1. Reebok Men’s Walk Ultra V DMX Max Shape
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

When it comes to designing some of the brilliant walking technology in your footwear Reebok know how exactly people are demanding for.

Walk Ultra V DMX Max shape allows you to walk in true comfort. It’s specially designed to transition the bridge which gives a continuous and seamless feel from heel to toe.

Whereas the underfoot flexibility makes your walk mold naturally. And the DMX air technology helps to ventilate the air with your weight in the right place of cushion.

This footwear has a leather upper which is highly supportive because doesn’t absorb water could be on the wet surface and therefore great durability. It also has a low-cut design for better ankle flexibility.

  • amazing comfort.
  • Affordable.
  • Non-slip.
  • Durable because of leather.
  • Some people found the sole extremely rigid.
  • Wide width.
  • Lacks shock absorption feature.
  1. Orthofeet proved Pain Relief Tacoma Comfortable Plantar fasciitis Orthopaedic Diabetic flat feet Bunions Men’s Walking shoes
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

The Orthofeet Diabetic Flat Feet Bunion Men’s walking shoes is suitable for men with the diabetic condition and face plantar fasciitis which causes pain the feet, arch, and heel. Wearing orthopedic walking shoes helps to relieve pain considerably.

Orthofeet is a quality shoemaker for exclusive needs of people with different features which helps Diabetic men to walk perfectly as the shoe design grants comfort and safety during the walk.

This Bunion has a synthetic leather and mesh which gives the shoe supportive comfort. Removable Orthotic insole feature allows you to change the insole when it’s not performing well. And has a wide toe box which minimizes the pressure on bunions.

  • clear winners in the market.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not much supportive.
  1. Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Comfortable plantar fasciitis Orthopaedic Diabetic Flat Feet Shreveport Men’s Outdoor Shoes

Diabetes is a condition which can be controlled with medicines and alterations needs to be made in lifestyle. One of the problems of diabetes is the inadequacy of blood circulation which affects the feet.

This condition is known as Neuropathy, however, it can be reduced by wearing these specially designed shoes to assist the diabetics flat feet.

Orthofeet Shreveport Men’s outdoor shoes provide a nuclear arch support, non-binding relaxed feet with extra depth design and highest protection against the stress points.

It constitutes orthotic-insole foam together with the ergonomic, cushioning sole soften step, strengthen stability and allows the natural transition.Moreover, this footwear is incorporated by using biomechanical expertise Orthotics to make it as the best men’s comfortable walking shoes with flat feet.

They are engineered to help in lowering the foot pain, heel pain, and to intensify the comfort for a diabetic’s feet.

  • easy gait-Ortho-Cushion System of a lightweight sole.
  • Makes you walk comfortably and pain-free.
  • Stylish quality shoes.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Versatile Shoe.
  • Excellent response for replacement.
  • too wide.
  • Difficult to pull laces.


  1. Orthofeet Proven pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthopaedic Comfortable Diabetic Flat Feet Avery Island Men’s Walking Shoes
Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

These Orthofeet Avery Island Men’s Flat feet is specially designed for men who demand style and comfort and these shoes are a perfect choice for casual business days.

They are made from real soft- leather and feature a cushioned padding for shock absorption. It’s suitable for waking long miles without discomfort.

These Brown Orthopaedic shoes have an adjustable feature, the unique laces that allow him to swiftly and effortlessly take it off and slip in them.

While providing extra protection for diabetics they offer high relief for heel pain. The cushioning sole is made up of lightweight polyurethane foam, produced to stabilize the foot and enhance the motion while walking

  • antimicrobial foam and fabric.
  • Ortho Cushion System providing comfort.
  • Feet still hurt.
  • Unacceptable quality for an expensive shoe.
  1. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 walking shoe

Best flat feet shoes for men

New Balance Men’s aMw411v2 is a shoe with an all-rounder support, keeping the durability also comfort in line. It’s a premium leather walking shoe allows you to have a great move all day by wearing this classic style of shoes.

The secret behind its unique product is that new Balance that they don’t intend to produce the product. They have invested in various sources to produce terrific quality walking shoes.

They are suitable for overpronation and have a plenty of breathabilities, cushioning with a lightweight upper mesh suitable for long distances. Only available in grey color.

  • good price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish design.
  • little arch support.

Feels like shoe will conk out

Best men’s dress shoes for flat feet (discuss 3 products)

Flat feet means that you have pain while standing because you don’t have an normal arch support. It causes pain and discomfort if the right shoes are not worn.

Many shoes are available in the market for special needs but that doesn’t mean the wearer would only get the ugly looking ones.

The good news is that there’s no need to wear shoes which were borrowed from grandparents because there are some great attractive men dress shoes are available to cater for those with flat feet.

1. Nunn Bush Men’s Bleeker Street Slip-On KORE Slip-Resistant Dress Casual Loafer

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

Men’s Nunn Bush Leather dress shoe strolls around in comfort and style in the Nunn Bush Bleeker Market. KORE technology specifically designed to add traction and durability.

These slip-on leather loafers feature a full fitting toe box and double elastic panels for a tight fit with an aggressive rolling impact zone of the heel.

Its comfortable gel footbed combines a molded Memory Foam insole with comfort gel heel pod for better cushioning and support. Whether walking around the office or rambling in the park these shoes would keep you looking and feeling great.

2. Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Comfortable Diabetic Flat Feet Gramercy Men’s Dress Shoes

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

The orthofeet comfortable system is designed with some innovative comfort features thus giving a non-binding fit, an extra space for the toe movement and high protection across the pressure point.

They are both fashionable and therapeutic, with a leather upper and styling stitch details with lace-up closing. It comprises of Ortho-Cushion System of lightweight sole with air cushioning which softens the steps and also make you bounce on your step.

3. Men’s Genuine Leather Dress Casual Lace-up Flat Oxfords Shoes

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

Men’s Genuine Leather Dress casual shoes are a great option for making a lasting impression. It’s build with selected breathable unwrinkled leather upper.

And has a slip-resistant rubber insole as it wouldn’t cause any trouble when bending down or walking on a slippery floor. This is the right shoe if you want to wear it to the important business meeting or any fact restaurant.

Men’s work shoes for flat feet

If you are looking for the best work shoes then you must consider these best options. Because no matter what you do your foot takes a beat every day and it depends on your job your working hours. Even the easiest level of tasks produces pain due to flat feet.

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 47015 Titan Soft-Toe Lace-Up

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

If you want your feet to look great and be protected in comfort during hard work days then this leather shoe is the perfect choice for you. This Oxford covers the soft toes feature comfy footbeds easy to snuggle in.

The full-grain leather upper gives a classic style along long-wearing durability and a soft flexible fit. Comfort guarantee. We assure you your feet will thank us.

2. Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Boot

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

It’s hard to find a shoe that will last longer and is versatile. Hence, Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility Boot provides the comfort needed to proceed a long work day.

And for the ones with flat feet face it harder. Therefore these shoes are great for work because they can take any kind of abuse and throw at them.

It is induced with leather upper on a classic sturdy design together with a wedge heel. Moreover, Timberland PRO series outsole is slip-oil and cuts resistant.

3. Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

Skechers always keeps the workplace very casual it makes you stay safe in style and comfort. It’s relaxed fit providing a roomier design with leather corduroy mesh fabric upper in this lace-up shoe. Moreover, it has a shock absorbing supportive midsole allows you to suppress the pressure against joints. Its best feature is having toe protection and a slip-resistant sole.

Best men’s sandals for flat feet

It’s not every time you have to wear shoes to safe and protect your feet because many people face a significant amount of swelling and exhaustion after wearing them.

Therefore the best way is to wear special sandals and the best among men’s Sandals for flat feet are:

1. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

The ECCO Yucatan Sandal is a unisex option it’s so far the best option as it covers a large area compared to other sandals. These shoes are chunky walking sandals that clearly be more comfortable for long walks through uneven streets and hiking as well.

The upper material is expensive and it is a mixture of Munich and oiled nubuck premium leather. This sandal has an open-toe box featuring 3 adjustable hook-loop straps.

2. KEEN Men’s Newport Sandal

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

One of the major options that you must put in your list when buying them is because of the sufficient fabric protecting and surrounding the foot.

But there is space from where air can travel in. However, it’s a heavy shoe with the big cover on the toes. It’s suitable for outdoors and the best part is their footbed is rigid but it never sacrifices the comfort level.

Men’s slippers for flat feet

During summers it’s not easy to wear shoes so sandals are the popular footwear during this season.

Sometimes when you are home you want relief and don’t want to wear shoes so you should buy comfortable slippers with arch support. 2 most preferred best men’s slippers for flat feet are:

1. FITORY Men’s Flip-Flops, Thongs Sandals Comfort Slippers for Beach Size 7-13

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

A popular trend in footwear is producing a supportive shape. Factory Thongs Sandals are durable and comfortable because of its canvas band. It wouldn’t break easily.

They are extremely convenient to carry for a beach or traveling, suitable for a pool party. And within 30 days you can return them.

2. HUMOR Men’s Flip Flops – Textile Summer Beach Outdoor Flat Thong Slipper Sandals

Best flat feet shoes for men

Best flat feet shoes for men

HUMMO’s flip-flop is a perfect blend of high-quality craftsmanship it’s upper is made of EVA material that makes sides your feet feels comfortable and soft. They are comfy, comfortable and affordable.


Whether you’re looking for walk shoes, running or sandals this well-researched list would have been really helpful for you when you go for buying a shoe for yourself.

As you’ve read about the best flat feet shoes for men do check out the best flat feet shoes for women to get shoes for your partner if she’s going through the same issue


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