Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Men

Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men


Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men. If you are reading this article it means either you are plantar fasciitis survivor or you are going through it. It is true that women are pickier in deciding which style of shoe to wear often ending up with plantar fasciitis (shooting pain in your heel). But that doesn’t make men at low risk for getting plantar fasciitis? You know why?

If you are obese, have a very high arch or a flat foot, a long-distance runner, wear support shoes for a long time or have an active job you are at a risk to develop it.

And nothing can damage your feet more but wrong shoes. The question now is what options do you have for best plantar fasciitis shoes for men in the market as there are so many out there.

Why getting a good shoe is important for Plantar fasciitis in Men?

Those who are dealing with issues like plantar fasciitis and sensitive feet know that it is a full-time commitment that requires dedication and an adventurous spirit.

Many of us might not even realize that flat feet that is genetics might get affected due to rigorous training ending up as suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Hence with each day passing pain in the ligaments and your feet will get only worse. Well, the good news is to use the right tools in shape of best shoes for plantar fasciitis men to alleviate the pain if not being able to reverse it completely.

Before we move on its important to understand why do you need to get a shoe that is good for plantar fasciitis. Excellent arch support is important to support your foot and hence preventing your feet from flattening out.

The contoured footbed can help in distributing your body weight proportionally across your foot. Shock absorbance in shoes specially designed for plantar fasciitis can help in strengthening your foot.

It’s of an integral importance that your shoes should meet your lifestyle needs. With long strenuous hours at work; your feet deserve to be in fully supportive and ultra-comfortable shoes to wrestle the daily challenges that can come in any job.

At the same time after a long, hard day at work, your feet also require some ease and feeling of being at home by slipping into flipflops or clogs that are designed especially for plantar fasciitis.

Knowing that wrong shoes can cause multiple problems like increasing your pain 10 times and even injure your ankles, toes, calves, and back.

Therefore, adding the right shoes to your closed is the first step towards combating this pain. I have made a list of men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis 2018 that provides the right amount of support to your feet and help eradicating issues associated with the sensitive feet. I hope you find one you are looking for

1.Dress/Office Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Dress Shoes
Gramercy by Orthofeet is more towards the comfort but that doesn’t mean it’s not good looking enough to wear at work. It may come under a category of semi-formal but most of the orthotic shoes are not formal.

However, for those having plantar fasciitis, this is an ideal solution because the ortho cushion system with a lightweight sole and air cushioning softens step and adds spring to your step.

Great anatomical arch supports the foot and cushioning heel pad contours it so as you walk it gives the natural strength to your feet. Reviews also mentioned that it helped people with Arch Pain, Knee Pain, Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, and Pronation.


  • Provides the best support and comfort compared to the rest of the shoes in this category hence providing the shock resistance..
  • A bit hefty on the price tag.

2.Casual Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men:

Orthofeet Avery Island Shoes

These casual shoes come with both comfort and design. They are great for plantar fasciitis with rubber sole and orthotic support. The anatomical arch and cushioning heel pad contours feet in bad shape hence alleviate pain at heel, foot, knee and all the way to hips.

The special design along with 4 layers is engineered especially for feet with plantar fasciitis pain. It resists any kind of shock that comes with walking. It also helps those who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Ideal combination of best support and design without any hassle of lacing up.
  • Order the right size for you, ordering small or bigger size can be uncomfortable.
  • Not eligible for international shipping.

3. Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Brooks Men’s Beast ’18
Beast 18 comes with a new enhanced better fit that has a well-engineered design built for maximum cushioning. The midsole drops at 12mm giving a home to sensitive feet. With an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) your body is guided back into the natural motion path by having an additional support.

The enhanced moisture managing mesh is designed to help in maintaining a much cooler in-shoe environment for those sweaty feet.

Most of the running shoes don’t support enough when it comes to rain, but Beast 18 is engineered to provide progressive support for walking or running in all kind of weather.

They provide ample support for overpronation and flat feet. As the name suggests Beast might be the shoe men would want to overcome that pain in the heels is rated high in best men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis. The reviews also suggested some people have been using it for a daily run and marathons.


  • Durable and skid resistant outsole.
  • External heel counter for reinforced stability.
  • Offers a spacious toe box.
  • Some people with wide big feet might have an issue with the size.
  • Available in 2 colors only.

4.Sandals Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal
Who doesn’t know Birkenstock? Yes, they do make the best men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis. As called the “Rich Kid Shoe” the hefty tag pays off and the shoes have a lasting value because in reviews few users have been using a single pair for years.

All the sandals and slippers are designed with great arch support for heels in pain.

These Arizona’s are unisex and available in many colors. Reviews mentioned that it also helped people with arthritis in ankle and feet. The soft signature anatomical bed gives rest to heel and dual adjustable buckles help in strengthening your foot. This helps you walk for a longer period. The sole is made up of cork which adds to the comfort.


  • Sturdy with great foot support because as you walk the shoe molds to your foot.
  • A bit expensive on a bank account.
  • Might run wide for few people so order narrow instead of regular accordingly.

5.Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Brooks Mens Ghost 10

Ghost 10 by Brooks comes with the cushion you need to walk long miles, yet they are lightweight and responsive enough to gear as per your rhythms while you are in a flow. The 12mm heel drop will give your foot the support required and shift the pressure away from your heel.

The signature Bio Mogo DNA foam in the midsole helps in adapting to your foot motion hence displacing pressure on your feet. With each stride, you get the energy back that makes the feet with plantar fasciitis comfortable all the time. Also, the outsole uses a full-length crash pad that keeps your stride consistent on the longer runs promoting flexibility at the same time.

The shoe offers medium to high arch support passing the “All day” test for many users. Brooks has also kept the 30mm heel stack height from the previous model. It also provides an amazing arch support for those who have under pronation. Overall this is a perfect pair for walking/running to have in your closet when your heel pain is bad.


  • Heel drop and cushioning ideal for recovering from plantar fasciitis.
  • Slightly smaller for people with Wider feet.

6. Clogs Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Crocs Relief Clog
When it comes to choosing Clogs for Plantar fasciitis it is recommended to choose the style with a closed toe design. It is also best to choose low heel clogs to potentially reduce strain on the fascia.

Hence These unisex clogs are 100% synthetic with an improved arch support that supports your feet on a daily basis. As in all Crocs, the toe box gives the freedom to your toes.

The strap on the back provides the support to your foot redistributing the weight on the foot. Easy to clean with a damp cloth the clogs also have the side air ports keeping your feet cool and dry.


  • Roomy, supportive and easy to wear.
  • The plastic can be harder for few people.

7. Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

OOFOS Unisex Original Thong Flip Flop
Some people like flip-flops as a home slipper to comfort their feet after a long day or just after work out shoes so that it revives your feet for the next day’s challenges. Thanks to Oofos technology, this one of a kind shoes with patented footed design absorbs impact 37% more than the other options available in the market.

It allows your arches to fit in and hence enhances the natural motion and support for comfort resulting in a decrease in that acute pain in heels. men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis. The flip flops are designed to be worn either before or after intense workout/training. With Oofos promising immense recovery benefits, athletes and people with plantar fasciitis or heel pain alike will find this particular flipflop quite useful.

The reviews mentioned that since the shoes are machine washable therefore it minimizes odor and cleaning issues. Few users also made a purchase especially for trips and mentioned that it was a perfect summer shoe for all outdoor walks. Having a fit true to size with the footbed elevating your heel helps in providing the great support required for dealing with plantar fasciitis.


  • Available in 8 colors with great variety of choice.
  • Comfortable for those whose work involve standing all day.
  • Great for people with high arch as the design cradles the natural arch.
  • Not so heavy on your bank account.
  • The bottom of the shoe is not flat though and might get few days to get used to.
  • People in between sizes might have some fitting issues.
  • Some colors don’t have sizes available.

8. Boots for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot
If there is any shoe that makes a perfect shoe for everyday tough look for work along with the great arch support that is WO2421 from Wolverine.

These tough boys are built with a design in mind that gives you the desired flexibility along with the comfort so that you can work confidently for longer hours at the site. In case if pronation is the cause for your plantar fasciitis this is a great shoe for a remedy. The extra cushioning around the collar provides extra ankle support which has shown great results both for under and overpronators.

The dual Contour Welt and Multishox construction along with abrasion-resistant rubber outsole make it supporting enough to hold the ground at different terrains. Reviews also highlighted that it offered a greater room so that users could add their orthotics insoles if required.


  • Great arch support with shock absorption to face challenges at work.
  • The width might be an issue for few people.

9. Strap Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Chaco Men’s Zcloud Sports Sandal with Straps
Chaco offers a pillow-top kind of comfort for your hurting feet. They have a whole line of sandals designed with great arch support for all those combating with plantar fasciitis.

The adjustable straps provide stability and support. Available in 9 colors giving you a variety of fashionable choice. The footbed cushioning gives you right heel support. Reviews graded the sandals high at its durability, stability, and adjustability


  • A good blend of comfort and style having Good arch support.
  • For some people adjustment to straps might take some time.
  • This item is not eligible for international shipping.
  • Limited sizes available in few colors.
  • Some people with flat foot had an issue.

10. Slipper Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper
It comes with a superior, soft faux sheer lining. Therefore, it’s not wrong to say that when it comes to the utmost freedom for your feet, nothing hits the spot like the Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper. EVA molded compression footed is specially engineered for heel pain.

This slipper-shoe hybrid comes in unique designs.
The hearty and durable sole doesn’t only provide support to feet with plantar fasciitis indoor but also good for outdoor. Also, the sole is non-slip and non-marking so feel free to wear it. Deep heel cupping offers a natural support to the heel and helps in recovery from plantar fasciitis


  • Slipper incorporates a shock-absorbing outsole that features an ergonomic stride.
  • Helps in stabilizing your stride while gently propelling you forward to your next step.
  • Might be smaller for people with long toes so order the size accordingly.

11. Vegan-friendly Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Orthofeet Orthopedic Vegan-Friendly Mens Sneakers

Sprint – Gray men’s sneaker offers a non-binding fit with the tie-less lacing system. The extra room for the movements along with maximum protection against pressure points. It makes it an ideal shoe for plantar fasciitis and cherry on the top is that it is vegan-friendly.

Extra depth design with removable orthotic insoles makes it an Orthotic friendly shoe providing ample space for orthotics. The anatomical orthotic insole and ergonomic sole offer precise support and excellent cushioning, making every step you take soothing with comfort.


  • Provides support along with flexibility for daily usage.
  • The extra space is a problem for people with narrow feet.

12.Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

NIKE Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5

The Zoom Vapor comes with a breathable mesh material in the upper that actually makes the feet moment flexible. Designed with a TPU midfoot shank that provides lateral support and stability. Available in 5 different colors providing maximum cushioning to support your feet and the arch to alleviate the heel pain.

The light weight makes it perfect for people who are suffering from back pain. The fantastic glove-like fit gives you the confidence in the court and provides the strength to your foot to move in a natural motion in any direction.


  • Provides stability and great support ensuring the flexibility in tennis court .
  • Might need a bigger size in case if your foot is wide.

13. Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Adidas Men’s Adipower s Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe
Designed with an energy-returning midsole foam to allow the natural movement of the foot along with traction elements placed strategically to ensure the required grip and support during the swing.

The molded Eva tongue top delivers a more precise, comfortable fit. Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch so if you are something with soft spikes that you could walk 18 holes with and be comfortable in the this is the shoe you need in your closet of best shoes for plantar fasciitis men.


  • Lightweight & breathable with good traction.
  • Narrow toe box for those with longer toes.

14. Gym Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

New Balance Men’s 990v4

With ENCAP midsole technology to ensure durability but ideal for running and working out at the gym for people with plantar fasciitis with durable upper construction. With the wider width, they promise long-lasting comfort and wear.

There’s a wider toe box so your toes do have some room to spread helping to relieve some pressure off your heels. Reviews also mentioned that this is an ideal shoe for an overpronator if that’s the cause for your plantar fasciitis. Few runners also mentioned that it helps to provide the arch support and eliminate any foot, hip or any kind of knee pain that existed before.

It also means that strengthening your feet to prevent future plantar fasciitis problems.
Another thing I noticed is that the dual density collar form along with the design of the sole is going to help distribute the shock away from your heel so that people combating with pain can walk smoothly.


  • Great shock absorption along with great overpronation support.
  • Good for Wider Feet.
  • People in between sizes might have issues.
  • Bulky for some people.
  • Made with pig skin.

15. Hiking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe
Moab 2 comes with a performance suede leather and mesh upper. Protective rubber toe cap, along with contoured footbed with added zonal arch provides the heel support making it ideal for those who are dealing with plantar fasciitis.

Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability. The sole of the shoe is contoured so it fits the bottom of your foot perfect and adds a bit of a spring to walking. Breathable mesh lining helps in keeping feet odorless.


  • Durable leathers with a supportive foot bed along with Vibram traction ensuring foot support.
  • Closed-cell foam tongue keeps moisture and debris out.
  • Heavier for few people.

No matter how the pain in your heels started now you have a comprehensive list of different kind of shoes that falls under a category of best plantar fasciitis shoes for men meeting your lifestyle needs.

Plantar fasciitis should never be a point to ponder while you are planning your life on the go be it a work commitment or a match at a tennis court. And with that I must say…. the list was long and needed some hard work to create. I hope it helps and once you have your right shoes for plantar fasciitis your feet will surely thank you later.
Would love your response in terms of feedback or your experience sharing.

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