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Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Has it ever happened to you?

You are dressed up in your favorite blue outfit, wearing those high heels shoes that you have been eyeing for a month and now you have it, you are having a perfect hair day but that sharp pain in the heel is making everything else not worth it. Is it your Flat Feet causing the pain? Did you know that no matter if your flat feet is showing pain symptoms or not you should still wear shoes for flat feet Women.

Flat feet cause flat arches which allow the sole to touch the ground completely. Hence resulting in zero shock absorbance which can cause pain and swelling in heel, calf, leg or knee.

There can be many reasons for having flat feet which includes genetics, age, obesity however in women pregnancy weight gain increases the probability.

Many people with flat feet might not feel any symptoms while others might see more depending upon the severity of conditions. Not treating the symptoms can lead to various complications.

I have developed the symptoms of flat feet over a period of time and the only thing that made the situation under control after diagnosis was choosing the right shoes for flat fleet women. Therefore, I have made an exhaustive list of best shoes for flat feet and sharing them with you.

Best Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Being a woman means you have to wear so many hats in a single day. From being a mother running around to make the best start of the day to delivering the desired results of the campaign at work to catching some last-minute grocery and then back to being the rock for the family that depends on her.

Nothing can work well if you are continuously going through pain because of flat feet condition. You can give up on anything but you can’t give up on walking as it’s an essential part of one’s life be it for work or daily routine.

Making a choice for the shoe that is best women shoes for flat feet is a solution to this daily struggle.

Sanibel Mary Jane Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

If “all-day comfort” had another name it would be Sanibel Mary Jane shoes for Flat Feet with a premium orthotic insole.

Mary Jane is always ahead of the competition when it comes to shoes for special foot conditions.

The back strap and two extra inserts with the shoe give a support to flat feet and hence prevents the risk for overpronation.

The star of the show is several layers of padding which gives a cushion to adjust the fitting as required. Heels have hard plastic support which digs into your heel and gives support against all pressure points.

The ankle strap gives an added support making sure your flat feet are comforted.

  • Good for diabetic feet, hammer toe. arthritis and plantar fasciitis.
  • Comfortable and stylish.
  • Rounded toe box.
  • Mesh style gives the circulation of air.
  • Lightweight shoes with 3 choices of color.
  • People with narrow heel might have issues in fitting.
  • Orthotic built into the shoes might make noise in the beginning.

Orthofeet Women’s Leather Moccasins

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

If you are looking for a slipper to support your foot from all sides while running daily errands inside the home or a walk to the nearest grocery shop then these comfy leather moccasins are the answer.

With the well-constructed leather upper and a decent arch support, the shoes are the best with extra insoles to give the required fitting hence making it the right slipper for flat feet.

The insole can be changed out and they fit perfectly. The base of the slipper is very sturdy which protects from any slipping.

The non-binding extra depth design eliminates pressure on bunions and hammertoes while the snuggly inner lining offers comforts to the suffering feet.

  • Excellent to wear for longer hours.
  • Users of plantar fasciitis also had a pain relief from these slippers.
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Order a wide size in case your feets are wider.
  • Might make the feet a little sweaty but no odor.

Oakridge Mary Jane Shoe

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

These Oakridge Mary Jane shoe is among the long lasting and comfortable shoe that a woman with flat feet can have in her closet.

The shiny design and the comfort make it a true best friend for a woman spending long hours walking at work or a shopping mall offering an arch support to cushion your arch preventing flat footing.

The padded collar feature provides cushioning to your ankle and instep region, shielding from any kind of skin damages.

The superior support in the mid-foot and heel actually helps with the gait cycle for women with flat feet.

Poly-U Foam helps in keeping away perspiration and controls odor. Oakridge is perfect to wear with many outfits complementing the look.

  • Protective interior helps reduce friction against skin.
  • Comfort fit therefore fit right out of the box.
  • Removable foot bed.
  • Some users reviewed that the arch support is not enough and could be improved.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Shoe game has changed completely over a decade where shiny appearance is just one variable. The more unique variables like comfort, performance play an important role when deciding to buy an athletic shoe. People with special foot conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis and diabetic feet actually need more than just a shoe. They need a shoe that can solve all their needs and sometimes they end up compromising appearance for performance.


This should not be the case because everyone needs a shoe with great functionality and aesthetics at the same time. The good news is some good shoe makers offer such package products which are high on both functionality and appearance. Below is the list of best womens running shoes for flat feet, let’s have a look and you might find one that is best for your feet.

NIKE Flex Running Shoes

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Coming from a brand like NIKE this shoe is an ultimate solution for women with flat feet giving the comfort and support to the flat arch therefore making running part of daily lifestyle.

With the fashionable looks and the comfortable constructed design Nike Flex Running shoes is a wearable shoe for various activities including running, gym and casual walks. Users living in hot-weather areas reviewed about its excellent breathability due to mesh textile interior. The grip of the shoe even on the wet pavement makes it a “Go To” shoe when it comes to an active day outdoor. The Hot-knife cuts in the outsole gives the required flexibility and adaptive strides in training or running sessions.

  • Light weight helps ankles from any kind of discomfort.
  • Lace-up entry and knitted construction gives a natural fit.
  • Users looking for arch support rated it high in terms of functionality.
  • Some users reported that the outsole wore out quickly.
  • The shoe was narrow for several runners.

NIKE Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

If you have been putting hikes off your to do list making your partner angry because of the pain caused by flat feet or you are dreading the 8 hours shift ahead because of the sharp pain in the knee caused by flat arch you have that wouldn’t let you stand. It’s time to review your choice of shoes.

These Tanjun Running Shoes by Nike are good for many activities like hiking, walking, hip hop dancing or even standing for long shifts. The exterior consists of a highly breathable mesh with strategic overlays that not only helps with support your flat foot will need but also gives a modern and sophisticated look. The light padded collar and tongue gives a cushioning which is surprisingly very good since it comes from a very light shoe makes it a top sneakers for flat feet women.

  • Super light weight.
  • Users looking for arch support rated it high in terms of functionality.
  • Good fit for wide feet as well.
  • Expensive on some pockets.
  • Lacked midfoot hold for some users.
  • Some users recommended to buy a size up for a better fit.

NIKE Flex Contact Women’s Running Shoes

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

The “Go To” comfy and stylish sneaker you have been waiting for is here from Nike with an amazing traction that will secure you both outdoors and in indoor treadmill. The lightweight feel with the durable qualities the shoe is used for running, weight training or anything you might name. Laced- up closure with the padded foot bed gives the required support to the flat feet. The fabric lining with mesh synthetic upper makes it highly breathable. The knit front gives room for wide foot but still hold the foot tight.

  • Soft foam midsole for balanced cushioning.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • The sole is soft but very supportive with each step.
  • Fit was a little tight for some users.
  • The light colors might get dirty quicker so needs maintenance.
  • Was heavy on some pockets in terms of price.

Best Walking Shoes Women with Flat Feet

Have you ever tried walking in the wrong but pretty shoe and felt like the walk is never ending? Regretting the moment, you decided to go out for a walk?

On the other hand, there are times when an ugly shoe can give your flat feet all the comfort they needed to enjoy the luxury of walking around. But why is there always a dilemma?

For those women who have love for fitness it’s important that the product they choose not only function well but looks damn good with their persona. Understanding this some companies have come up with walking shoes that gives the remedy with a style too. Find out which one suits your lifestyle


Orthofeet Sandy Women’s Walking Shoes

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Orthofeet Sandy’s are designed with an innovative comfort features for women with flat feet giving an extra support to the arch with premium anatomical orthotic sole. The multiple cushioning system helps in alignment of foot and leg which helps in easing the heel pain making it one of the best shoes women with flat feet. The light weight sole with extra air cushioning actually gives you a feeling of walking on the cloud. The antimicrobial fabric and foam protect you from any kind of foot allergies.

  • Also good for bunions, hammer toes and short feet.
  • True to size and width.
  • Light weight and extra supportive.
  • Toe box is low in height and was a problem for few users.
  • A little more heel padding would make it better as mentioned by a few users.

TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

The comfort shoes with jazzy outlook that you want to slide your feet into are here. Stretchy upper made with knit mesh and a finger slide on makes it one of the relaxing walking shoes for women with flat feet. The shoes are stylish and lightweight making it a perfect choice for daily activity or a vacation. Airy uppers can make it a bad choice for winters. The high elastic MD outsole makes it slip resistant and hence a good shoe for rainy weather. High midsole support with such a light weight for the feet with high or no arches. Tioseben are good for walking long hours and light training/hiking.

    • Available in many colors giving a variety of choice.
    • Highly breathable for your feet.
    • Excellent on pricing.
  • Users with wide feet should go for half size up normal size.
  • Some users reviewed that the support was not enough.

Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

With technology in every part of our life there are many choices available in terms of comfortable shoes but some options are low on aesthetics. Having flat feet means you need specialized foot care and shoes that comfort your condition instead of adding to it. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the fashion appetite of yours in terms of shoes for work. Few options highlighted below are combination of style and comfort and can be worn if you suffer from flat feet condition.

Odema Pumps Oxfords

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Odema by Oxford are the most comfortable office wear because it is a magic shoe with all hidden comforts that women with flat feet need to make it through the day.

These laced up beauties will snug your feet all day long without a fear of shoe slipping off as you walk. The rich leather exterior lasts longer and molds as per your foot shape. The heel of the shoe is just the right width and height that it complements the style making it a formal dress shoe and also gives a solid base that makes walking in heels comfortable for longer hours. The bottom is rubber which makes them durable, more slip resistant and it doesn’t squeak when you walk hence making it a top choice for Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet.

  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Good and economical on the pocket.
  • Great room for toes.
  • The fit a little large on small feets.
  • The smell of PU leather was an issue for few people.

Predictions Women’s Karmen Pump

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

This is true that a women’s shoes trendy designs can catch your attention even from far. But in today’s world, design and comfort goes hand in hand for a working women.  It doesn’t matter how good the shoes look if its breaking your leg after walking for an hour in it.

These Karmen beauties offer a padded sole and big toe box. These shoes promise the support needed for people with high or no arches. The faux suede exterior with a 3” heel gives them a professional look that is good to go with any meeting outfit or an evening get together with your girls. Hence these are a must for a women’s closet to combat with daily challenges of flat fleet at work.

  • Available in 9 colors and patent looks.
  • Economical with expensive outlook.
  • Fit like a glove giving support to feet for walking in heels.
  • People who have never worn heels before were comfortable in it too for longer hours.
  • They fit half a size bigger.
  • Some users commented on durability of the heels.
  • The color in the picture wasn’t exactly as in real.

Sandals for Flat Feet Women

We all look for three qualities in the sandals that is comfort, style and functionality to support the adventure part of our life. Because Sandals are mostly used for the day out activities in summers or vacation which means a shoe that can take strain for the whole day. On the other hand, enough cushioning, support and comfort features ensure that those flat feet do not suffer after. Following options have helped people having flat feet condition.

SANDALUP Sling back Flat Sandals for Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

These Sandalup Sling Backs have comfort support and sense of style all in one. Elastic cross ankle strap not only makes it easy to wear but prevents slipping too. There is a little height (0.6 inches) added to the heel to add to the beauty of the shoe while keeping it comfortable. The sole is smooth but makes sure that the foot stays inside the shoe. The comfort color matching makes it wearable with many outfits without any extra effort to match.

  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Perfect for the beach trips because easy to wear and take off.
  • Users with narrow feet had fitting issues and it fit a little loose.

SANDALUP Ankle Strap Sandals

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

Shoes For Flat Feet Women

These Sandalup with an upper sparkling strap and elastic string straps all around the ankle for a better fit are a must have for a woman who is ready to put herself out there for new experiences.


The flat mid bottom gives high support to feet with flat arches helping to reduce stress on your feet, ankles and knees while the ankle strap adding stability while allowing you to adjust the fit. Synthetic rubber sole comes is designed with an anti-slip texture to make you feel safe in any weather.

  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Not heavy on the pocket.
  • They fit small in size so consider going a size bigger.

Which Brooks Shoe Is Best for Flat Feet?

Brooks is a company that stands out due to their excellent evolution in the footwear over years. Brooks Addiction Walker is something that is just not the name and it will make you addicted in one glance not only with the leather outlook but also the performance. It has a variant both for women and men with flat feet. The shoe offers a Hydroflow technology that enhances the midsole which helps in shock absorbance. The full arch support helps in easing out the pain that is caused by the low arches. Outsole is engineered to resist slipping. The moisture wicking lining promises a comfortable walk. You can have a look at it here.


What Nike Shoes Are Good for Flat Feet??

With the Nike label what more you could need? The Nike options mentioned above are equally good however  Nike Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe offering designs for both women and men with flat feet is the top most choice in the market now a days. The best Lunarion Foam gives you an extra cushion with Nike Flyknit construction on the midsole and heel making it the lightest running shoe. The modified laser sipings create added flexibility to the shoe. They are good for shorter runs, gym and stroll around the block. An excellent choice to avoid overpronation which might be a result of flat feet.  The shoe is available in many colors hence giving a variety of options you can see here.



No matter how the pain in your heels started now you have a comprehensive list of different kind of shoes that falls under a category of Shoes for flat feet women meeting your lifestyle needs.


Flat feet condition should never be a point to ponder while you are planning your life on the go be it a work commitment or a run you planned with your partner. And with that I must say that was a long list but as said there are never enough shoes in a women’s closet so I hope you find the one meeting your needs to comfort those feet in pain.

I have shared as per my experience but Would love your response in terms of feedback or your experience sharing.


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